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Installation Solutions


Compact Audiophile Grade Line Driver

Selectable RCA/Speaker Level Input With Up To 10 Volts Capability (10 Volts On Balanced Output Only)

Input Gain Control W/Clipping Indicator

User Selectable Signal Input Type

Speaker Level Signal Input For OEM Integration Capabilities

Low-Level RCA Inputs

Optional RJ45 Balanced Signal Outputs (For SE Amplifiers ONLY)

Built-In Hi-End Signal Line Driver For Improved System Volume, Clarity, And Overall Performance

Single Stereo Input Sensitivity Setting Control For Easy Setup

Gold Plated RCA Connections

Plug Style Termination For Speaker Level Input


BXM (Bass Enhancement Module)


Package Type In-Line Installation Dongle

RCA Inputs Yes (2-Channels)

Speaker Level Input Yes (BTL Type Required)

Max Speaker Level Input 11

Volts RCA Output Voltage 1.8V RMS

RCA Outputs Yes (2-Channels)

Autosense Turn-on Yes (requires BTL Type Signal)


NGM (Noise Gate Module)


Device Type In-Line Noise Gate Module

Input Type Low Level (RCA) or Speaker Level

Output Level (RCA) Up to 7 Volts (Parity to Output)

Max Speaker Level Input Up to 20 Volts Output Level Type RCA (Voltage is parity to input signal when using RCA) (When using speaker level is 1/3rd level of the signal input)

User Defined Settings Yes (Adjustable signal threshold and signal decay, No PC required)

LED Indicators Power and gate activation indicators

Other Optional Low Pass Filter (22.5k) switchable from full noise gate



USB Type - USB A/B

Length - 20ft



USB Type - USB Micro

Length - 20ft

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