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We are proud to offer a variety of remote starter solutions to meet any need.  Give us a call today to go over full pricing for any option. (905)751-0626

Off factory keypad - simply press lock button 3 times to start the vehicle, no extra keypads to carry on your key ring.  Same range as your factory key fob. Starting from $250 installed.

Long range secondary keypad - up to 3000 feet of range, this option is great when you need your vehicle to start from a moderate distance away. Starting from $169.99 installed.

X-tra long range keypad - up to 6000 feet of range, this is great for people in condos or apartment buildings that need the vehicle to start from a long distance. Starting from $520 installed.

Cell phone app - this option has no range restriction, as long as your vehicle is in cellular coverage, it will start. Starting from $500 (yearly subscription may be applicable)

Check out our specials page for current remote starter specials for select vehicles.  https://www.noizeboyz.com/specials.htm


                Remote Car starters.

Remote car starters are great for anytime of the year.
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