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Lumens Ultra LED Bulb (H7 - 6000K - 1 pc.)



Next generation LED lights provide comparable light output to Xenon HID Conversions without the glare. More than twice the brightness of halogens.

Instantly on to full brightness without any warm up times.

Plug n' Play design eliminates the need for harnesses & larger resistors to be used during installs.

PCBBs allows maximum flexibility for installation.

One piece unibody core ensures maximum heat dissipation from LEDs to PCBBs.

Picture may differ from actual product



The alignment of LEDs replicate that of a halogen bulb to achieve optimal focal light pattern in a reflector housing

Using an unibody to conduct heat directly from the LEDs to the 6 PCBBs keeps LEDs cool for longer lifespan


Powered by Philips Lumileds ZES Chips:

Up to 4000lm per Bulb

Unparalled Color Consistency

Improved Flux Density

Micro footprint allows closer replication of halogen filament



LED Qty: 6 pc on single beam, 12 pc on dual beam bulbs

LED Power: 35W per bulb

Current: 2.8 ± 0.2A

Voltage: 6 - 18V

Raw Light Output: up to 4000lm / 5600lx

Working Temp: -40°C ~ +80°C

Body Material: 6063 Aluminum

Colour Temperature: 6000K Pure White



This is a plug and play accessory that is sold separately. This device is used to:

Turn off 'light out' warning indicators

Complete a series wiring circuit

Stop LEDs from flickering or turning on and off, due to the vehicle's computer thinking a light bulb is missing

Other CANBUS related issues caused from converting halogens to ULTRA LEDs

*** Will not increase voltage or current for daytime running lights under 6V



1 x LED Bulb

1 x LED Driver

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